vs | plus Basic Course

vs | plus Basic Course

This introductory course is aimed at newcomers who are coming into contact with vs | plus and the associated parameterization tools for the first time. In the course, the basics of vs | plus, explanations of the vs | plus parameters, the creation of a simple node for individual traffic with public transport and the use of the vs | workSuite are conveyed.

  • Duration: 4 days online
  • Dates: to be defined
  • Price: 1800 euros per person (minimum of 3 participants)

Course documentation

  • vs | verkehrssysteme course material (presentations, PDF files)
  • Course examples of vs | plus parameterization


  • VS-PLUS basics
    • introduction
    • requirements
    • Basic elements of vs | plus
  • vs | plus: individual traffic node
    • Base objects
    • Basics of the parameters of vs | plus
    • The concept of the frame signal plan (coordinated individual traffic node)
  • vs | plus with prioritization of public transport
  • Introduction to vs | workSuite
    • Concept and structure
    • Workflow
    • Introduction to testing

Key Learnings

  • Getting to know the elementary components of vs | plus
  • Parameterization of the first simple vs | plus node with coordination and prioritization of public transport

Target Audience

  • Traffic planners who have to carry out parameterizations in vs | plus and who need an initial introduction to the structure of vs | plus and its tools.
  • vs | verkehrssysteme ag provides its own preconfigured training notebooks for training


  • Good knowledge of using computers and knowledge of traffic engineering. Actual vs | plus prior knowledge is not necessary.

Course Dates

Only online courses are currently offered. For the online course, an installation of the vs | workSuite is required on your computer. If you don’t have a vs | workSuite license, you will be provided with a training license for the duration of the course. Please let us know when you register whether you will make use of this.

Registration or Interest

Registrations or expressions of interest are gladly accepted by means of our contact form.

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