vs | plus Advanced Course

vs | plus Advanced Course

This advanced course is aimed at users of vs | plus who have already gained experience in parameterizing vs | plus. After successfully attending the course, you will be able to understand and use advanced functions in vs | plus. You have a deeper understanding of the functionality of vs | plus and are able to parameterize more complex nodes. This course does not teach the basics of vs | plus or basic parameters.

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Dates: on request
  • Price: 1950 Euros per person (minimum of 3 participants)

Course Documentation

  • vs | verkehrssysteme course material (presentations, PDF files)
  • Course examples of vs | plus parameterization


  • Topology
  • Detector Parameters (individual traffic)
  • Detector Parameters (public transport)
  • Times and Identifiers
  • Corresponding traffic streams
  • Public Transport
  • Rank-dependent Stage Parameters
  • Traffic stream-dependent Stage Parameters
  • Program definitions

Target Audience

  • Traffic planners who carry out parameterizations in vs | plus and have already gained experience in vs | plus, but now need to be prepared for more extensive tasks and more complex nodes / situations
  • Beginners please first attend our foundation course (EVS)


  • Course attendance of tour foundation course (EVS) or
  • Well-founded parameterization experience in vs | plus

The following list of requirements helps to correctly classify the expected skills for participation:

  • Mastered the basics and the basic objects of vs | plus
  • Knows the functionality and structure of vs | plus
  • Has experience in vs | plus (parametrization of at least 5 nodes)
  • Knows how to use vs | workSuite

The following is an advantage for participation:

  • Has already worked on more demanding projects with vs | plus

Course Dates

Only online courses are currently offered. For the online course, an installation of the vs | workSuite is required on your computer. If you don’t have a vs | workSuite license, you will be provided with a training license for the duration of the course. Please let us know when you register whether you will make use of this.

Registration or Interest

Registrations or expressions of interest are gladly accepted by means of our contact form.