vs | verkehrssysteme ag is a traditional Swiss system house and is known for its innovative solutions in the field of road traffic technology. We started with traffic signal control systems in Switzerland and Germany. In Switzerland, the systems in the cities of Basel, Bern, Solothurn, Olten, Geneva and Lausanne are controlled with vs | plus. In Germany, we are represented in Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg and many other cities.

Our traffic-dependent control method vs | plus has been working reliably since 1992 at more than 5’000 intersections not only in Europe, but also in Australia, China and the USA on controller of various manufacturers.

The following links will lead you to reference installations of vs | plus. Each reference installation has its specificity like, many public transport vehicles or a railroad approach. Coping with particularities is one of the strengths of vs | plus.

Basel, Switzerland

For further reference objects please use the contact form or call us.

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