The following links will guide you to some reference installations of vs | plus. All of the reference installations have some particularities, like a great number of Public Transit vehicles or railroad preemption.

To cope with these particularities is one of the strengths of vs | plus.

Basle, Switzerland

  • Bankverein (node 135) 
    • 4 arriving tram lines and 3 leaving tram lines 
    • Tram evaluation with bifurcation contact (user-specific programming) 
    • 3 tram stop on the intersection, two of them allowing two consecutive vehicles to stop simultaneously
  • Schützenhaus (node 145)
    • 2 partial nodes 
    • Connected to the coordination of the middle ring road „Mittlerer Ring“ 
    • PT priority inside a car coordination
  • Badischer Bahnhof (node 213) 
    • 2 coordinated partial nodes 
    • Tram loop over both partial nodes 
    • Priority to 6 PT lines in case of high individual traffic flow
  • Spalentor (node 780) 
    • PT priority in case of high car traffic flow or a great number of pedestrians
    • 3 stops just besides the intersection
    • Emergency phases for firefighters and ambulances from a nearby hospital

There are other reference objects in Switzerland in Bern, Lucerne, Solothurn, Olten. For reference objects outside of Switzerland write us using the contact form or give us a call.

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