vs | mate – The Virtual Controller

vs | plus does not only run on various controllers, but also on a computer with Windows operating system. vs | plus supports communication to various simulators thanks to the vs | emulator or the newly available vs | mate, the virtual controller. vs | mate is the further development of our proven vs | emulator. In addition to the known functionalities, vs | mate also offers the possibility of visualizing process data, switching programs (i.e. annual automatic mechanism), defining special interventions and much more.

Like the vs | emulator, vs | mate is compatible with the simulation tools Aimsun and Vissim. Thus, vs | plus controlled intersections can also be simulated under load. The simulator simulates the outside world from any number of intersections. The vs | mate is generated once per intersection and can be operated like a real controller. So program changes are possible, the recordings can be logged and the controller can be supplied with new/other programms.

Do you need quick, brief information about the application vs | mate?
Then download the flyer for vs | mate.

Visualization of process data in vs | mate during Vissim simulation

Visualization of general information in vs | mate
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