vs | emulator

vs | emulator

The virtual controller with vs | plus

vs | plus can not only run on a wide variety of controllers, but runs also on a computer with a Windows operating system. vs | plus supports communication with various simulators thanks to the vs | emulator, a virtual controller. Among other things, vs | plus supports communication and simulation with Aimsun and PTV Vissim.

Testing vs | plus with the vs | emulator in a virtual controller (with simulation)

You can test the vs | plus parameterization manually. To do this, detector inputs are set and, according to a test scenario the detectors are enabled at a specific time.

However, it is also important to use vs | plus to test under conditions that should be as realistic as possible. To do this, it makes sense to use a simulator such as Aimsun or Vissim.

The simulator takes the role of simulating any number of intersections of the outside world . The vs | emulator is generated once per node and can be operated like a real controller device. Program changes are possible, the reports can be loged with vs | test and the controller can be supplied.

A simulation with Aimsun:

The same functionality is also available for PTV Vissim and other simulators.

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