vs | workSuite

vs | workSuite

  • Do you want to parameterize a traffic-dependent traffic light system?
  • Do you want to test the parameterization immediately with a simulation?
  • Do you want to supply the parameterization to a control device?

Then vs | workSuite is exactly the right application for you. vs | workSuite is not only suitable for the creation of executable traffic light controls, but is also suitable for planners who want to simulate traffic-dependent traffic light systems.

The combination of simple functionality with support for efficient and fast operation leads you with vs | workSuite targeted to the desired result.

Thanks to the additionally available test bench, the control system created in this way can also be tested immediately. Finally, the OCIT file is exported and is therefore available either for a simulation or for supply to the controller.

The complete traffic engineering workplace

The vs | workSuite contains the modules for planning such as calculation of intermediate times, performance calculation according to HBS, etc.. Furthermore it contains also the control unit supply according to OCIT-Instations VD as well as all vs | plus – modules such as parameterization, test station and others. The extended wizard is available for a simplified definition of the topology as well as the determination of conflict points and their routes. A comfortable project management and a clear geographic navigation in a map window complete the application.

In addition to node editing, the following work areas are also available:

  • the calculation of green waves
  • the node and network quality analysis (see also vs | pCoq)

Furthermore a wizard is integrated into the vs | workSuite also . It guides the user through the design of a new control. It supports the phase-oriented planning. For vs | plus users the wizard creates a functional vs | plus – parameter set at the end. This makes it possible to create a complete vs |plus supply in just a few steps.

The four work areas of the vs | workSuite are:

  • Intersection
  • Green Wave
  • Test and Simulation
  • Quality Analysis

In addition, the project management allows different views of nodes and their versions. The nodes can be clearly arranged according to a city, an area, a group, but also according to their interface (OCIT). The completely free definition of project folders is also possible.

A constant status control of the created node files is part of versioning.

A powerful feature is the storage of all files in a so-called SVN repository. This means that all change details, from one storage to another, can be traced back over the years. This repository can be kept centrally on a network drive and is therefore available to all those working on it.

Here you will find the complete brochure for the product:
vs | workSuite v3

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