vs | studio kiwi

vs | studio kiwi

The flavor “kiwi” is the second expansion stage of vs | studio. It contains the same functionalities as the “cherry” flavor plus additional extensions.

The most important extension of vs | studio kiwi compared to the cherry flavor is the ability of planning. In vs | studio kiwi you can create a traffic signal system from scratch with outputs (e.g. signal groups, intermediate times, offsets, etc.), inputs (e.g. parallel and serial inputs, public transport call point sequence, etc.) and signal programs. With this you create a basic supply in vs | studio kiwi. This can then be converted into a fully executable vs | plus control, your first traffic dependency in vs | plus, using the vs | plus wizard built into vs | studio.

So with vs | studio kiwi, you can get traffic-dependent vs | plus – controls on the road in no time at all.

If you are interested in vs | studio kiwi, please contact us.

vs | studio kiwi (Signal Groups)

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