vs | studio

vs | studio

Our vs | workSuite application is on the market since more than 15 years now. The vs | workSuite allows you to parameterize vs | plus and configure all settings down to the last detail. Over the years a powerful tool has emerged that enjoys a large user community. Today it can rightly be called the traffic engineering workplace.

While analyzing the use of the application by new users or by vs | plus – beginners we noticed that the application vs | workSuite could be partially optimized. The vs | workSuite is very powerful and very extensive in terms of functions and configuration options for getting started with vs | plus. New users sometimes lose track of the many parameters that long-time professionals set almost automatically. We therefore asked ourselves the question of whether there is an application that allows to make it easier to enter the world of vs | plus and also meets the needs of professionals. That motivated us to look for solutions and to design a new product that is

  • Automating the parametrization
  • Revolutionary in the velocity of configuration/parametrization
  • Intuitive in the use of the application
  • Supporting the introduction to vs | plus
  • Easing the learning curve

and still fully functional for “experienced professionals”.

The result of our efforts is vs | studio.

We designed vs | studio to be expandable right from the start. That’s why vs | studio comes in various expansion variants. The various forms or “Flavors” stand for a different scope of functions on the one hand and the various prior knowledge that the users of the application bring with them on the other.

We currently differentiate between three flavors: cherry, kiwi, mango.

vs | studio cherry

The “cherry” flavor is available now. This is the first expansion stage of vs | studio. With vs | studio cherry newcomers get started with the traffic-dependent control of nodes with vs | plus and professionals can design their first traffic-dependent control much faster.

The basis of vs | studio cherry is a fixed time control as an OCIT supply file. You set the priority of public transport vehicles over private transport and among public transport vehicles. You also choose how the controls should behave in relation to pedestrians, and finally the degree of traffic dependency required for all road users. You can do all of this by answering six questions by ticking a few checkboxes. The rest is done by vs | studio and the included traffic engineering algorithm. As a result, vs | studio generates a traffic-dependent supply in vs | plus, which can be immediately and easily tested on our test bench vs | test.

There are no complex tables, no incomprehensible entries that have to be made and no programming knowledge is required. You only need to add your traffic-dependent requirements for the node to your fixed-time planning.

vs | studio cherry is offered as a “free version” in English and German. Click here to download:

vs | studio kiwi

The «kiwi» flavor is the second stage of vs | studio. It contains the same functionalities as the “cherry” flavor plus additional enhancements.

The main enhancement of vs | studio kiwi compared to the cherry flavor is the functionality of the export that enables a simulation of the control (Vissim, Aimsun, etc.) or a supply on a control device. With vs | studio kiwi you will be able to bring your traffic-dependent vs | plus control to the road.

vs | studio mango

The third level of vs | studio is what we call «mango» and includes additional and more comprehensive functions that are important for traffic planners or traffic engineers.

We will publish more detailed information on this at a later date. If you are already interested in it, please contact us Contact .