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vs | plus, the traffic-dependent standard control, uniform for all controllers and manufacturers

The traffic-dependent control method vs | plus is suitable for fully traffic-dependent individual systems and for coordinated networks with partial traffic dependency. Its master plan technology qualifies vs | plus especially for adaptive network control methods.

vs | plus is available on controllers from various manufacturers. Since it was first used in Switzerland in 1983, well over 5,000 times, vs | plus – traffic light systems have been successfully put into operation in Europe as well as in the USA and Asia.

Due to its parameter technique, vs | plus is particularly economical in use. A vs | plus control system can be adapted and understood also by different planners to changed traffic conditions. Compared to other procedures, the maintenance of the control parametrization is much easier because you don’t need any programming knowledge.

A particular strength of vs | plus is its functionality to prioritize and accelerate public transport. With its high flexibility, a wide range of traffic-related requests can be implemented.

With the traffic engineering workplace vs | workSuite the vs | plus world features an integrative, user-friendly planning, development, test and quality analysis environment. This allows the traffic engineer to plan, develop, parameterize and fully test his work with the computer right at his desk.

By means of the powerful Wizard tool, the traffic light planner can develop a phase-oriented fixed-time control from the site plan, as well as derive an automated fully functional vs | plus – control and put it into operation. Whoever wants to deviate once from the vs | plus – standard can use a special user interface that allows to incorporate own control features.

With a simple download of the vs | plus parameter set, the control can also be implemented online in the controller, put into operation, maintained and subjected to a quality analysis.

The traffic-dependent control, uniform for all manufacturers and controllers

Even in ultra-modern and innovative system environments vs | plus is an integral part. E.g. it supports the so-called traffic light phase assistant within the framework of cooperative systems (CAR2X) also for traffic-dependent traffic light systems.

vs | plus can be operated on the controllers of these hardware manufacturers (partner).

If you need informations about vs | plus in a compact format, then look at our

How do I plan a traffic dependency in vs | plus? Proceed with the planning.

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