vs | plus – Certified Controllers

vs | plus – Certified Controllers

Before vs | plus runs on a specific controller, vs | plus must be implemented on the controller. We support all manufacturers in these steps and intensively test the interface between vs | plus and the controller together with the manufacturer. If the tests are successful, we issue a certificate proving compliance with vs | plus. The certification is done once for each controller type and is valid as long as no changes are made to the controller.

The following list contains all vs | plus certified controllers:

  vs | plus – Versions
Manufacturer – Controller
AVT Stoye – VSA 7800X
AVT Stoye – VSZ/M, PTC-9000XX
Bergauer – nodeControl NC10XXXXXX
Cross – RS4S, RS4TXXX
Günther Pichler – TIM-MMXX
Kummler+Matter – NTC1XXXX
Mauerhofer & Zuber – MG4X
Stührenberg – STm5XXXXXXXX
Swarco – M2800X
VR AG – VR.NetlogXXX
Yunex (Siemens) – C900XXXXXXXX
Yunex (Siemens) – sXXXXX

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