vs | pCoq

vs | pCoq

Quality control is a main issue for investment protection and is becoming increasingly important for traffic control. Special test and simulation tools such as vs | test and VISSIM have already led to some improvement in control quality.

Real-time investment and quality protection for individual traffic and public transport signal control

vs | pCoq is an enhanced real time evaluation tool. It uses standard control theory elements such as plant, observer and controller. A special traffic observer calculates the actual traffic situation at selected intersections using detector data. The actual traffic behavior can be visualized on-line on any computer screen with a built-in micro simulator.

vs | pCoq can evaluate the observed traffic data according to a set of statistical functions such as loss time analysis, signal changing diagrams, green and red time distributions, capacity changes, driver behavior, etc. Because of the possibility of data pre-processing by the traffic observer, also parameters which cannot be measured directly by detectors can be evaluated.

vs | pCoq is a completely independent test and diagnosis tool. It can be used for any intersection controller and any implemented control scheme. It is very flexible, since it can combine different data sources for evaluation, such as on-line data from intersection controllers, traffic computers, or archive data. It has high communication capabilities and can receive and send data through networks.

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