Analyse (Quality)

Analyse (Quality)

With the module quality analysis of the tool vs | workSuite we provide a powerful function and quality analysis for traffic systems controls. The user receives meaningful information about his current controls quickly and promptly and can therefore also operate consistent quality assurance after commissioning.

In addition, als a vs | workSuite independent quality analysis is possible. vs | pCoq enables the high-performance function and quality analysis of traffic-dependent control of traffic systems.

Interfaces for recording the required raw data are available for the most important existing systems as well as for OCIT-capable traffic computers and control units.

Once the raw data has been captured and recorded by the controller during operation, the data storage of vs | workSuite enables you for a variety of evaluations. These are subdivided into a detailed analysis with the help of the original raw data as well as a variety of further, graphic evaluations in simple and complex form.

The integrated so-called raw data viewer allows a direct view of the measured values ​​in the time grid of the recording. Measured values ​​can be signal group statuses, loop values, status counters or any variables from the controller (e.g. vs | plus). With the help of statistics modules, more complex investigations, e.g. determine the actual performance of a traffic systems or waiting times in the driveways.

One focus of the evaluation options is the analysis of influences from public transport. E.g. passenger change times can be determined by evaluating the registration and deregistration points of a public transport vehicle and shown in a diagram.

Extensive setting variants allow the chart display to be set up according to your own ideas. Data and graphics can be printed out at the push of a button.

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