vs | plus E-learning

We now also offer our popular courses on our e-learning platform. This allows you to work through the content at your own pace, regardless of time and location. In addition, you will be personally supervised by at least one trainer. Find out more on our e-learning page (currently only available in German).

vs | workSuite 3.3

vs | workSuite 3.3 Our traffic engineer application is ready in a new release: The vs | workSuite 3.3 is available now. You can read the full list of new features in our release notes (available in German). Please contact us for more information.

vs | edge – Our Prediction Tool

Do you need a switching time prediction? Do you want to optimize traffic in a network? Do you want to improve waiting times or green and red phases? Our new approach, called vs | edge, is the promising solution. Learn more on the vs | edge detail page.

Online Course – vs | plus Advanced

We are organizing an online advanced training course in vs | plus in Spring 2022 (27.04./28.04./04.05./05.05.2022, 4 days in total). The course language is English. You can find more informations on the course details page “vs | plus Advanced Course“.

vs | studio 1.0

vs | studio, our newest parameterization tool, is now available. With this, starting from an OIVD file, a traffic-dependent traffic light control can be created in next to no time. See for yourself and download the free version vs | studio cherry. vs | studio cherry contains the engine for generating the traffic dependency and our test bench vs | […]

vs | plus 9.0

Our controller software vs | plus version 9.0 is now available and ready to be used in traffic controller hardware. The following functionality is now available in version 9.0: vs | plus on demand controlOn demand systems are traffic light signal systems that are only switched on when required. Two types are known from Germany: dark (all signal groups are […]

vs | workSuite 3.2

Our traffic engineering control software has been completed in a new release: The vs | workSuite 3.2 is now available. The new release supports “control on demand” and a forecast option, the so called residual red display. The parametrization of these new features need the latest release of vs | plus version 9.0. You can read the full list of new features […]

Countdown for traffic lights at the main station of Bern

On August 25, 2021, the first countdown traffic lights for pedestrians went live at the main train station of Bern. For the time being, a test run lasting several weeks is scheduled during the evening peak hours. A LED circle shows the time remaining until the traffic light turns to green. The challenge in this project was the predictability, as […]

vs | workSuite 3.1

Our traffic engineering control software has been completed in a new release: The vs | workSuite 3.1 is available immediately with many changes and enhancements.
The following innovations are available only for vs | plus 8.1.0 and higher…

Announcement: vs | plus 9.0

In summer 2021 our vs | plus control will get some important feature upgrades: The new vs | plus control core version 9.0 then offers the control on demand system with which partial nodes can be switched on and off. In addition, the calculation of the internal forecast is optimized. This means that traffic lights can be expanded with a residual red or residual green display.