We are looking for: Software Engineer .NET C#

Would you also like to become part of our team, laugh together, communicate and significantly influence the development of our company as well as the design of traffic control? Then the position as Software Engineer .NET C# might be exactly what you are looking for. Please have a look at our job page.

vs | plus in Denmark

Since the beginning of May 2023, a new traffic light system in Herning (DK) has been equipped with a vs | plus control. This control replaces the previous control. The special thing about it is that the system is located directly next to a sports hall. Immediately after the end of an event in the hall, the volume of traffic […]

Create MAP files with vs | studio

We are working at full speed on the completion of a new functionality for vs | studio: the creation of so-called MAP files (at the moment used mainly in Germany). It will now be possible to create MAP files according to the DiMAP guide and C-ROADS manual. A corresponding extension for vs | studio kiwi is planned for Q4/2023. These […]

NEW: vs | studio kiwi

A good year ago, we rolled out vs | studio cherry and made it available as a free version of vs | studio via these pages. With the cherry version, it is possible to create and test a traffic-actuated vs | plus control system in no time at all, starting from an existing basic supply (OIVD file) and using a […]

vs | edge – Our Prediction Tool

Do you need a switching time prediction? Do you want to optimize traffic in a network? Do you want to improve waiting times or green and red phases? Our new approach, called vs | edge, is the promising solution. Learn more on the vs | edge detail page.

vs | plus E-learning

We now also offer our popular courses on our e-learning platform. This allows you to work through the content at your own pace, regardless of time and location. In addition, you will be personally supervised by at least one trainer. Find out more on our e-learning page (currently only available in German).

vs | workSuite 3.3

vs | workSuite 3.3 Our traffic engineer application is ready in a new release: The vs | workSuite 3.3 is available now. You can read the full list of new features in our release notes (available in German). Please contact us for more information.

vs | plus 9.0

Our controller software vs | plus version 9.0 is now available and ready to be used in traffic controller hardware. The following functionality is now available in version 9.0: vs | plus on demand controlOn demand systems are traffic light signal systems that are only switched on when required. Two types are known from Germany: dark (all signal groups are […]

vs | studio 1.0

vs | studio, our newest parameterization tool, is now available. With this, starting from an OIVD file, a traffic-dependent traffic light control can be created in next to no time. See for yourself and download the free version vs | studio cherry. vs | studio cherry contains the engine for generating the traffic dependency and our test bench vs | […]

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