About us

About us

The vs | verkehrssysteme ag is a traditional Swiss system house and is known for its innovative solutions in the field of road traffic technology. For many years we have been concentrating on the development and worldwide marketing of innovative traffic control software solutions, especially in the area of ​​control and quality assurance of traffic-dependent traffic light systems.

We attach particular importance to our corporate philosophy:

  • we want to combine competence and experience with a high level of innovation
  • we want to deliver top technology for traffic engineers
  • our products are basically open system platforms and software packages with transparent, standardized and freely accessible interfaces
  • we are consistently working on the introduction of standardized, quality-assuring work processes in traffic signal control
  • We are fundamentally independent of system suppliers and open to the integration of customer-specific solutions and products from other suppliers

Our traffic-dependent control method vs | plus has been working reliably at over 4,000 nodes in Europe and the USA since 1992 and is implemented on control units from a wide range of manufacturers.

Our vs | workSuite maps the entire process flow of the traffic engineer. It integrates development, testing, simulation and quality analysis and leads quickly and reliably to results that can be implemented online on the control units.

Consistent use of vs | plus and the vs | workSuite not only guarantees high traffic quality, but also enables economical use thanks to manufacturer independence and the standardized use of procedures in administration. Not only the development, but also the maintenance of the control is quick and inexpensive.

Here you’ll find our company brochure as a PDF document: Company Brochure

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