vs | plus in Denmark

vs | plus in Denmark

Since May 2023, Herning (DK) has implemented a new traffic light system equipped with advanced vs | plus control, replacing the previous system. This innovative control system, situated adjacent to a sports hall, addresses a specific challenge: managing the surge of traffic following events at the hall, which often leads to congestion in its parking lot.

The vs | plus control is designed to dynamically respond to fluctuations in traffic volume. Upon detecting increased traffic flow from the sports center, such as after an event, the system autonomously extends green signal times for vehicles departing from the sports center. This prioritizes the smooth exit of vehicles from the hall’s parking area. Once traffic subsides, the vs | plus control seamlessly reverts to its regular operation, all without requiring manual intervention, local timer adjustments, or program modifications.

This intelligent traffic signal control system ensures efficient traffic management tailored to real-time conditions, enabling events to proceed smoothly without the need for pre-event setup or manual control adjustments.

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