vs | plus 9.0

vs | plus 9.0

Our controller software vs | plus version 9.0 is now available and ready to be used in traffic controller hardware.

The following functionality is now available in version 9.0:

  • vs | plus on demand control
    On demand systems are traffic light signal systems that are only switched on when required. Two types are known from Germany: dark (all signal groups are switched to dark) or semi-dark (some signal groups remain on, e.g. pedestrians remain on red)
  • vs | plus residual red display
    The forecast for vs | plus 8.0 and display of the residual red time of a signal group, formerly implemented as open vs | plus script, is now available in the vs | plus – core of version 9.0.
  • Several bug fixes

To create the vs | plus parameterization, the vs | workSuite version 3.2 must be used. vs | plus 9.0 can no longer be parameterized with older versions of the vs | workSuite (prior to 3.2).

Parameterizations of older vs | plus versions can be changed by copying the intersection version in the vs | workSuite and then changing the vs | plus version to the new/higher version.

The documentation with the detailed information about vs | plus 9.0 is available here: vs | plus 9.0 documentation (this documentation is available in German only at the moment).

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you intend to implement vs | plus 9.0 on your controller or aim at a vs | plus 9.0 certification for your controller. The document required which will help you with the implementation, can be found here: Implementation Manual.

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