Announcement: vs | plus 9.0

Announcement: vs | plus 9.0

In summer 2021 our vs | plus control will get some important feature upgrades: The new vs | plus control core version 9.0 then offers the control on demand system with which partial nodes can be switched on and off. In addition, the calculation of the internal forecast is optimized. This means that traffic lights can be expanded with a residual red or residual green display for individual traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

What is included in version 9.0?

  • vs | plus now takes into account the sub-nodes according to the node topology of the control unit.
  • The idle image of the partial nodes can now also be parameterized in demand mode.
  • Users can predefine the switch-on and switch-off sequences for the sub-nodes. The more complex design of additional programming on the controller is therefore no longer necessary.
  • The switching on and off of a subnode is completely done in the vs | plus – integrated control. At the same time, vs | plus controls the entire node without restriction, even if individual sub-nodes are in demand mode.
  • vs | plus calculates the next expected switching time

With this announcement, we inform you that the integration of the new vs | plus – 9.0 core can be started in september 2021 on the various control units. The functional interface between the control unit and vs | plus is extended for the implementation of the on demand system control. This fact also requires a recertification of the control unit after the integration of the new version.

We look forward to meeting these new, essential requirements later this year.

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