New Website

New Website

We created a new design for vs | verkehrssysteme ag. The corporate design and, accordingly, our logo, the website and our document templates have been revised.

What do we want to say with the new logo and the new corporate design?

  • The colors red, green, yellow stand for the colors we control with our applications.
  • The many lines that intertwine in the logo reflect the complexity of the intersection controls. Everything has to fit together and with one another so that in the end an optimal control emerges. These horizontal lines can also be interpreted as node coordination.
  • If you take a closer look at the logo, an optical illusion is created, which makes the horizontal lines appear slightly curved around a circle in the middle. This highlights a flow around the center of the node.
  • In program flow charts and activity diagrams, the diamond stands for a branch or a decision to be made. The new vs | plus – logo in diamond shape expresses that vs | plus takes decisions every second and thus controls the traffic.
  • The imagery contains different types of traffic in traffic situations of varying complexity. Long exposure at twilight / night shows the movements of the vehicles and the flow of traffic moving through vs | plus controlled roads and nodes.
vs | trafficcontrolsystems english
The new company logo of vs | verkehrssysteme ag (here engl. version)

Our new company brochure