vs | workSuite 3.1

vs | workSuite 3.1

Our traffic engineering control software has been completed in a new release: The vs | workSuite 3.1 is available immediately with many changes and enhancements.

The following innovations are available only for vs | plus 8.1.0 and higher:

  1. Integration of the new object “Public Transport Sequence”
  2. New editor for “Priority elements” object
  3. New editor for «Stage control» object
  4. New editor for “Main series” object
  5. New editor for “VSP Stage definition” object
  6. New editor for “VSP Stageframe” object
  7. New editor for “VSP Stage logic” object
  8. New editor for “Interventions” object (TMod)
  9. New editor for “Incompatibility” object (TMod)

The following innovations are independent of the vs | plus version:

  1. Integration of the Swiss standard (SN 640 838 [2018]) for intermediate time calculation
  2. Check in / out of multiple intersections/nodes
  3. Open locked intersection versions in ReadOnly mode
  4. Extension of modules in open vs | plus Edit

Please contact us for further information.

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